Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's becoming increasingly easier to drown in nostalgia with all that's been going on. It's unbelievable the effect a person has on a group of people even when those affected didn't always hold a personal connection with him. Everybody will grieve in their own way and I feel that I have the right to feel overwhelmingly sad for them. Them, him, all of them. I hate to see those that I surround myself with go through something of this measure in which I couldn't even begin to comprehend. "Death: Death is another important affair among followers. It is not as solemn as a normal funeral, and no religious person is required. The funeral is usually just close family members retelling stories of the deceased’s good deeds and why they expect the person to pass into a peaceful Plain. People are expected to wear bright colours to remind them of the happiness the deceased had impressed upon then. In this way, young children are not taught to fear death and it is not seen as such a scary thing. In this religion, death is simply like a hermit crab changing shells. The funeral takes place after the normal 3 day grieving period and after the funeral people are expected to mourn for the dead no longer."

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